What is an Avalanche or Landslide?

Tropical Life | May 20, 2012 | Comments 1
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Could some one please explain avalanche or landslides, i am very puzzled when it comes to this.

One thought on “What is an Avalanche or Landslide?

  1. What is an avalanche? , well it’s a large mass of snow and ice or of earth or rock sliding down a mountain side or a cliff. And how does an avalanche occur, well mainly they happen by vibrations caused by movement of the earth such as an earthquake, gunfire, rainy weather, and many more. Think about past avalanches and landslides that have occurred like the 1903 Frank landslide and avalanche that happened at the same time, in Alberta Canada it destroyed the parks canyons it’s beautiful trees’ it’s wonderful sights and killed nearly one hundred people, and covered a small town near Alberta with ice and snow.

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