Gym: Pob Sba Sample – Selection of Appropriate Labour

Selection of appropriate Labour Brie’s gym center is a skilled and professional business. The business will have four (4) employees: The general manager (which is also the entrepreneur); will be developing and marketing fresh ideas to improve the production of goods and services, and accessing sufficient funds to operate the business. Also finding sponsors to […]

Gym: Pob SBA Sample – Justification of Location

                                         Justification of location The entrepreneur production site will be next to the pharmacy on the left, opposite zan’s in Portsmouth. 1. A reason for this location is because it’s next to a high way and easy […]

Gym: Pob SBA Sample – Roles of Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is a person who undertakes he risks involved in establishing and running a new business. Entrepreneur is characterized by the role they play in enterprise: 1. Planning and developing new ideas. 2. Accessing funds to operate the business. 3. Looking for ways to improve the production of goods and services.