How to prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss

Many reasons explain the alopecia : family heritage, external aggression or internal derangement. Ideally look for the root of the problem often lies not just in the head but in another part of our body. However, there are simple remedies, based on products of nature, to activate hair growth and to protect it. One of these natural remedies are: Nettle […]

Beauty – Give Yourself

Give Yourself a quick facial Pour a little grapeseed oil or oil blend onto the palm of one hand. Rub the palms together, then rub the backs of the hands. Begin by stroking the backs of your fingers up from neck to jaw, alternating hands. Work on both sides of the neck. Repeat from jaw […]

Beauty – Essential Toothcare

Essential Toothcare Research is showing that people with gum disease have a raised risk of heart attack later in life. Built-up plaque is the most common cause of gum disease and tooth decay, so for maximum antiaging benefits, revisit your daily brushing and flossing regime. The cosmetic effect is important, too: yellowing teeth are a […]

Beauty – Emergency Eye Action

Emergency Eye Action From our 30s onward, the fragile skin around the eyes starts to take on a darker hue, to droop under gravity, and to crinkle more easily. Frowning, squinting, and rubbing all take their toll, and the morning after a big night out can leave the face looking noticeably older. Since the eyes […]

Beauty – Deep Cleansing

Deep Cleansing Once a week, treat tired or gray-looking skin to a gentle but deep-cleansing mask or steam treatment. This lifts away dead cells and encourages the natural process of regeneration, resulting in a fresher complexion. Deep Cleansing – Applying masks When smearing on facial clays and masks, don’t forget to cover the neck and […]

Beauty – Daily Facial Care

Daily Facial Care Skin tone and texture often alter during and after menopause—you might notice an unfamiliar tightness, red patches and other signs of sensitivity. A careful daily facial care routine can minimize the effects of hormone changes. Daily Facial Care – Cleanse before bed Be vigilant about cleansing skin of makeup and grime before […]

Beauty – Conditioning Treatment

Conditioning Treatment Once a week treat hair to a deep conditioning treatment with nourishing oils and masks that impart useful nutrients for hair and scalp health. For extra dry and brittle hair, use oil treatments twice a week until you see results. Conditioning Treatment – Prewash mud mask for dry hair and scalp Apply this […]

Beauty – Eternal Style

Eternal Style Women over the age of 40 now make up a substantial percentage of the US female population. Some retailers regard us as the future of fashion, since we have a welldeveloped awareness of trends and what flatters us and may have income to spare. But it can become increasingly difficult to fling on […]

Antiaging Skin Basics

Antiaging Skin Basics From our 30s onward, age starts to take its toll on our skin. Color and texture become less vibrant, wrinkles and sagging start to occur, pores enlarge, capillaries break around the cheek and nose, and from our 40s age spots appear on hands and cheeks, forehead, and upper lip, thanks to sun […]