Trophic levels

Ecosystems:Components, Performance, Trophic Levels And Food Chains

Ecosystems Introduction The ecosystem concept is especially interesting to understand the workings of nature and many environmental issues that exist today. Nature is whole essence of our planet. It must be stressed that human life is developed in close relationship with nature and its operation affects us completely. It is a mistake to think that our… read more »

Trophic Levels: Feeding levels in a ecosystem

Ecosystem trophic structure All living things must have enough food to enable them to perform their vital functions. Food provides energy and matter . As you know, photosynthesis is essential to sustain life on Earth, and heterotrophic beings depend on food production made by autotrophs. Considering the type of nutrition and the role that organisms play in ecosystems,… read more »

Ecological Energy Pyramid(Trophic Levels)

For the ecosystem to function energy must be available and it must be transferred. Why? Because of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. The First Law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another. The Second Law states that everything is running downhill or, more formally,… read more »

Trophic levels (ecological pyramids)

Trophic levels Trophic levels are the feeding position in a food chain such as primary producers, herbivore, primary carnivore, etc. Green plants form the first trophic level, the producers. Herbivores form the second trophic level, while carnivores form the third and even the fourth trophic levels. In this section we will discuss what is meant… read more »