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Months of The Year in (Spanish)

Months of The Year in Spanish   English 1.      January 2.      February 3.      March 4.      April 5.      May 6.      June 7.      July 8.      August 9.      September 10.  October 11.  November 12.  December Spanish 1.      enero 2.      febrero 3.      marzo 4.      abril 5.      mayo 6.      junio 7.      Julio 8.      agosto 9.      septiembre 10.  octubre 11.  noviembre… read more »

Describing People in Spanish

                                                                 Describing People in Spanish     Listo/a ——–  Bright simpatico/a ——– Kind Delgado/a ——– Slim generoso/a ——– Generous lindo/a ——– Pretty alto/a ——– Tall Viejo/a ——– Old     intelligent  ——– clever flaco/a ——– skinny gordo/a ——– fat tacaño/a ——– mean feo/a  ——– ugly bajo/a  ——– short joven  ——– young  

Saying Welcome in (Spanish)

Saying Welcome in Spanish   Bienvenido – to honor a man Bienvenida – to a  girl or woman Bienvenidos – to more than one boy or man Bienvenidas – to more than one girl or woman Bienvenidos – to a group of boys and girls, men and woman

Family Members in Spanish

Family Members in Spanish     Mi hijo – my son Mi papa – my father Mi mama – my mother Mi hija – my daughter Mis hijos – my children (sons and daughters, or sons only) Mis hijas – my daughters   Mi hermano/a mayor – my older (big) brother/sister Mi hermano/a menor –… read more »

Hobbies – Le Passé Temps(FreeTime)

Hobbies – Le Passé Temps Fren »Qu’est ce que tu aimes faire dans tes moments de loisir ? Eng>What do you like to do in your free time? English Dancing Singing Reading Swimming Eating Take a walk Horse back ridding     I play basket-ball I play video games I do fishing French Le danse/danser Le… read more »