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What are Dicotyledons

Dicotyledons   Dicotyledons are one of two basic classes of flowering plants. The other is monocotyledons.   . Dicots are plants that sprout two leaves from their seeds. There are about 175,000 dicots – over three – quarter of all flowering plants. Dicots include most garden plants, shrubs and trees as well as flowers such… read more »

Plant & Animal Cells Staining Lab Answers

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to learn how to prepare a wet mound, to learn proper staining techniques and to examine human cheek cells and onion skin cells. Hypothesis It is predicted that all cells, no matter if it be plant or animal, will be in beside each other in large groups, that… read more »

Effects of Information Technology on Society

Introduction Information Technology is a branch which has recently been derived from computer science. It simply refers to the use of computer and other technologies for the management of vast information. This branch develops technologies (software and hardware) for information management and also solves information management. A research was conducted in depth to find out both… read more »

The Skin System and its function

           The Skin System The skin is the largest organ of the body! The organ of the skin system is the skin itself. Totally covering the body, it is the largest organ of the human body. The skin provides a tough covering preventing the passage of bacteria, fungi, water and most… read more »

The Six Types of Body Movements

How Movement Occur Movement occurs when a muscle contracts and pulls on a bone and another muscle relaxes to allow a bone to move.   The Six Types of Body Movements   1.     Flexion – is a bend that decrease angle at two bones. 2.    Extension – is a movement which straightens there by increasing… read more »