Conventional & Non Conventional Farming

Conventional & Non Conventional Farming   Conventional farming (inorganic Agriculture) 1.      This is farming using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, basically to help the food grow faster. E.g. inorganic farming- mainly uses techniques.   Non Conventional farming (organic Agriculture) 2.      It does not include the use of any fertilizers. These farmers use natural feeds and fertilizers… read more »

History Sba Slavery in the British Caribbean (Sampled Version)

History Sba Women and resistance to slavery in the British Caribbean Struggle against slavery was an ever-present and enduring characteristic of Caribbean slave life, with women being no less prominent in the resistance than men.[8] Resistance to slavery was a significant part of the lives of female slaves and it took many forms, ranging from… read more »

The Skeletal System

The Skeletal System The skeletal system is made up of 206 bones.   The functions of the skeletal system are: Shape and support: the skeleton gives the body its framework and gives us our individual shape. Protection: the skeletal system protects our vital organs. Movement: bones are attached to muscles to provide movements.(it is also… read more »

High School to College Transition

High School to College Transition Many new college students enter college misinformed about how to succeed academically in a college environment. In arecent study of high school seniors, 89% expected that their collegiate academic experience would echo that of high school. Other studies support this, and I’ve seen it play out first hand over and… read more »

Figuring Out How to Choose Homeschooling Curriculum

So you’ve decided to homeschool your children. Wonderful for you! There is quite a bit of proof that children who are educated at home gain higher test scores, higher grades and do better in college and in the work force. Families who choose to educate their kids at home have a stronger bond. Leaving your… read more »

Types Of Production in Business

The Three Types Of Production Are; Primary Production Secondary Production Tertiary Production Primary Production – is the extraction of basic materials provided by nature, either above or below the earth surface. the extractive industries are: Farming , Fishing and Mining. without these, production would not take place. Agriculture is an important primary production in the Caribbean. Secondary… read more »

What is a Virus?

Computers and Viruses What is a Virus?   A computer virus is a way of describing a computer programme that has been written specifically to cause damage to your PC. In essence, it is a piece of software that is written to cause as much havoc as possible.  Types of Viruses   Resident Viruses Direct… read more »

Parts of the Computer and Their Function

Different Parts of the Computer and Their Function A computer is made up of many different components. Each part has a specific function. Whether you need to replace apart, are thinking about building a computer, or just looking for some additional information, it’s important to understand the basic computer parts and what they do.   Case… read more »

The Skin System and its function

           The Skin System The skin is the largest organ of the body! The organ of the skin system is the skin itself. Totally covering the body, it is the largest organ of the human body. The skin provides a tough covering preventing the passage of bacteria, fungi, water and most… read more »