Social Studies SBA (School Based Assessment ) Outline & Procedure

Social Studies (SBA)School Based Assessment Outline    School Based Assessment(SBA). This is an evaluation conducted by the school while the social studies course is still in process. Candidates are required to conduct a guided research and document their findings your teacher/ other appropriate persons will guide you throughout the process. You MUST do your own work; it should… read more »

How to Get a Small Business Loan Without Collateral

How to Get a Small Business Loan Without Collateral A small business loan transfers money, or principal, from a lender to a business owner. Typically, a business owner will repay the principal to a lender over time at a cost, known as interest. Most small-business lenders require some type of collateral, or something a bank can sell… read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: Sample of a Manuscript

Formatting a Word Document This section presents formatting techniques beginning with the most automated first’s and then moves on to methods that gives you greater levels of formatting control. For other documents, you might need to use techniques described near the end of the chapter to modify automatically applied formats or to achieve more exacting… read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: programme for an event example

TECHNOLOGY IN BUSINESS COMUNICATION SEMINAR   Time:  Tuesday 21 September 2010 Venue: School of Business and Information Technology Commercial Boulevard, Port of Spain   Programme   9.00 a.m.            Welcome    Mr R Paul   9.15 a.m.            Chairman’s address   Mr Angol   9.35 a.m.            An overview of Computer technology in business   Mr D Charles   10.15 a.m.         … read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: Sample of a Notice of a meeting

PORTSMOUTHSECONDARY SCHOOL PAWNWALL STREET, PORTSMOUTH, COMMONWWEALTH OF DOMINICA, WEST INDIES TEL: 1-767-445-5228 FAX: 1-767-445-3922   Dear Parent/Guardian Greetings! You are cordially invited to the first PTA meeting, scheduled for Monday, January 17, 2011 at the Portsmouth Secondary School Auditorium at 2:00p.m. Please make every effort to attend.   ——————— LOIS BRISTOL Ms. PRINCIPAL (Ag.)  … read more »

The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual (SBA)

  The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual   The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual is a document compilation of 20 documents that you have learnt to prepare. The manual will serve as a reference book that you would be able to use in interviews and in actual performance of duties at work. The documents should be, of mailable standards,… read more »