Conventional & Non Conventional Farming

Conventional & Non Conventional Farming   Conventional farming (inorganic Agriculture) 1.      This is farming using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, basically to help the food grow faster. E.g. inorganic farming- mainly uses techniques.   Non Conventional farming (organic Agriculture) 2.      It does not include the use of any fertilizers. These farmers use natural feeds and fertilizers… read more »

Urban & Peri-Urban Farming

Urban & Peri-Urban Farming Urban Farming – is a general practice for income earning or food producing activities though in some communities the main impetus is reaction and relation.   Peri-Urban Farming – is used to refer to farm units close to town or villages which operate intensive semi or fully commercial farms, growing vegetables… read more »

Good & Poor Agricultural Practices.

Good & Poor Agricultural Practices.   This is clearly an example of a Good Agricultural Practice; this user did his research and placed it into practical. Exclusive Point. This user has Proper Drainage System.  This user was either 5 things: 1.      Hard working. 2.      Following the Sheltering Steps/Laws. 3.      Aware of the forces of nature… read more »