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POB SBA Sample – Government Regulations

Government regulations is of existence in all countries, islands and states all around the world. Government regulations include the registering of the business, taxation, proper waste disposal etc. Before an owner of owners commence with business operations the business must be registered. In Dominican’s case, business operations can begin after registration at Inland Revenue. Not… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Quality Control Measures

Quality Control Measures   The rules and guidelines set out in the Specification of Competency Standard for the jewellery industry such as quality management system, quality control on incoming materials, quality control during manufacturing process, ultimate quality control, customer complaints and return of goods, inspect, measure and test instruments, control labeling and tracing of products… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Justification of Location

The business will be located at Shop 13, PortmorePlaza, Portmore Parkway, St. Catherine.  This location was chosen based on the population of the St. Catherine district, large business complex, centralized area and easily accessible to commuters with little competitors in the business also a safe area to produce and trade.   With the business located… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Description of Business

DISCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS     Fabulous Jewelers is a sole trader business that is owned and operated by Dania.  It. produces and sells jewelry both in bulk and retail.   The main objective of the business is produce goods of unique quality and maintains excellent customer service. There will be four departments within this… read more »

Gym: Pob SBA Sample – Justification of Location

                                         Justification of location The entrepreneur production site will be next to the pharmacy on the left, opposite zan’s in Portsmouth. 1. A reason for this location is because it’s next to a high way and easy… read more »