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Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Sources of capital

Sources of capital   Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000.00) is needed as capital to invest in the business to purchase  fixed assets such as land, machines, vehicles, equipment, raw materials, pay salary to staff members, with a little to invest for additional capital.   The banks and Credit Unions have been approached and an application for… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Selection of appropriate labour

Selection of appropriate labour   The production staff will have to be skilled workers who are both knowledgeable and trained about the job which requires a lot of expertise and skills, also the supervisor who will inspect the goods for quality control.  The other staff members will be semi-skilled, there not required to have the… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Justification of Location

The business will be located at Shop 13, PortmorePlaza, Portmore Parkway, St. Catherine.  This location was chosen based on the population of the St. Catherine district, large business complex, centralized area and easily accessible to commuters with little competitors in the business also a safe area to produce and trade.   With the business located… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Description of Business

DISCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS     Fabulous Jewelers is a sole trader business that is owned and operated by Dania.  It. produces and sells jewelry both in bulk and retail.   The main objective of the business is produce goods of unique quality and maintains excellent customer service. There will be four departments within this… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Introduction

INTRODUCTION   I am Dainia presenting my business proposal for a loan from your institution.  The name is Fabulous Jewellery a small production business which will be manufacturing jewellery, mainly gold and silver.   A market research was conducted to ascertain if the business would be favourable in the intended location, and got some encouraging… read more »

Gym: Pob Sba Sample – Selection of Appropriate Labour

Selection of appropriate Labour Brie’s gym center is a skilled and professional business. The business will have four (4) employees: The general manager (which is also the entrepreneur); will be developing and marketing fresh ideas to improve the production of goods and services, and accessing sufficient funds to operate the business. Also finding sponsors to… read more »

Gym: Pob SBA Sample – Sources of Fixed and Working Capital

Sources of fixed and working capital Fixed capital is the durable long term assets of a business which are used over a long period of time and are tied up to the gyms permanent usage. Example: land, machinery, etc Sources of fixed capital: 1. Issue of right shares: Issue of shares is the most important… read more »

Gym: Pob SBA Sample – Description of Business

Description of business Brie’s gym center will begin its operation on November 1st 2017. This business will be designed to produce the best service you can find, where customers will feel a sense of satisfaction, comfort and hospitality. This business will be a sole proprietor. Brie’s gym center will be controlled in the tertiary sector;… read more »