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Food Web and Energy Pyramid

Pyramids of Power Trophic The food chain, or also known as the food, is the flow of energy and nutrients that is established between the different species in an ecosystem in relation to nutrition. In a biocenosis or biological community are: Primary producers: Autotrophs that using solar energy (photosynthesis) or mineral chemical reactions (chemosynthesis) obtain the… read more »

Requested: Quality Controls When Growing Crops/Plants

Although plants are naturally occurring, most require more than just planting in the ground to thrive. In fact, many plants require a special balance of nutrients and minerals to grow properly. Ensuring plants get a balanced diet suited to their needs is essential, especially when growing plants intended for food or medicinal use. Several methods… read more »

Reason why seeds will not germinate

Reason why seeds will not germinate Commercial processing of seeds is designed to ensure maximal germination, not to stop them germinating.The simple fact is that not all seeds are viable, just as not all pregnacies result in children.For various reasons seeds can fail. Sometimes that is because of genetic flaws within the seeds. Sometimes the… read more »

What are Dicotyledons

Dicotyledons   Dicotyledons are one of two basic classes of flowering plants. The other is monocotyledons.   . Dicots are plants that sprout two leaves from their seeds. There are about 175,000 dicots – over three – quarter of all flowering plants. Dicots include most garden plants, shrubs and trees as well as flowers such… read more »

What is symbiosis

What is Symbiosis Living things that feed off other living things are called parasites. Living things that depend on each other to live are called symbiotic. Many tropical rainforest trees have a symbiotic relation with fungi on their roots. The fungi get energy from trees and return give the trees phosphorus and other nutrients. Leaf… read more »