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Amorphous and crystalline state of the mineral

Minerals are natural beings inerters, inorganic and homogeneous in their physical, chemical and structural . Minerals can occur in two situations: state amorphous state and crystalline . Whether a mineral present in either state is due to the internal ordering of the atoms or molecules that form. An amorphous mineral not present any sort between particles (atoms or molecules) that form.Opal, for example,… read more »

Physical properties of the mineral

· Specific gravity of minerals The specific gravity of a substance is the ratio between the weight of a given volume of that substance and the weight of the same volume of water. Thus, if 1 dm3 2.65 kg weight quartz 1 dm3 of water and 1 kg weight, the specific weight of quartz is… read more »

Emotional properties of minerals

Emotional properties of minerals Minerals have become one of the most used by therapists worldwide . The effect they have on people continues to create many skeptical about its benefits, which are inca peace to explain exactly why you have these results: generates no tangible changes to the naked eye, are not consumed or burned or physically altered. What… read more »

Fat Soluble Vitamins

  Fat Soluble Vitamins    1.      Vitamin A (Retinol) Sources = liver, eggs, fish and dairy products. Lack of vitamin A ( Causes night blindness) The yellow pigment (carotene), found in leafy vegetables and carrot can be turned into retinol.   Water Soluble Vitamins2.      Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol) Sources: Sun light, liver, oily fish, eggs. a.     … read more »