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Words and meaning

1. Arithmetic logic unit- 2. Work station-is a desktop computer 3. Minicomputer-a computer whose size speed and capabilities lie between those of a mainframe and a microcomputer. 4. Supercomputer- is able to process hundreds of millions of instructions per second. They are used for such application as weather forecasting, space exploration genetic engineering and other… read more »

What Is A Monopoly Firm?

WHAT IS A MONOPOLY FIRM? This means that there are no other firms that make a similar product (or service). Consequently, the monopoly firm constitutes the entire industry, and makes for a ‘pure monopoly.’ A buyer who wants this particular product must either buy it from the monopolist or do without it. Pure monopolies’ are… read more »

Types of Radiation & Meaning

What is Radiation Radition is an actom’s way of getting rid of its excess energy. Particulate Radiation comes mainly from radio active substances such as radium, uranium and other heavy elements as they break down. Radiation is Measured in curies and becquerels. Bacteria can stand a radiation dose 10,000 times greater than the dose that… read more »

What is physical education?

Physical Education What is physical education?   The Definition Physical education simply means: the study to provide one with information and practical experiences that will help one to make decision about one physical, social and mental well being.

Communication Media & Devices

Wireless network: A wireless does not use cables. It uses infrared or microwave radio signals to transmit and receive data. Wireless network are used where cables are inconvenient, for eg. If the network is created among building separated by streets. They are usually more expensive than cable-linked network. Cellular network: Some cellular phones are use… read more »

Communication Media & Devices

TOPIC:  COMMUNICATION DEVICES AND MEDIA OBJECTIVE:         Distinguish between communication devices and communication media. A communication device- is a physical part that enables one computer to communicate with another. The modem-is a communication device. Communication media– are the links via which the signals are transmitted. Communication media include cables, telephone lines and electromagnetic waves such as… read more »

Words And Thier Meaning

Light pen– is an input device which like the mouse, is used to choose objects on a display screen. Digital Camera-it allows you to take pictures and to store digital photographic images.  A PC Camera- is a digital camera that is attached to the computer. It gets its power from the computer. A PC camera… read more »