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Pob Sba Summary (Sampled Version)

Pob Sba Summary (Sampled Version) The successful completion of this school based assessment (SBA) would have been more challenging without the assistance of Mrs. Batchelor, who is   the researcher’s teacher. Therefore, the researcher would like to express gratitude to her for the guidance she provided along the way. The assistance you all gave, made… read more »

Political Terms And Meanings

Political Terms *IMPORTANT TERMS* Authority – the right and power to enforce obedience and delegate power from a high office or position. Bill – a draft of a proposed act of parliament. Bi-cameral legislature – a parliament made up of two chambers or houses. Constituency – an electoral division in a country. Constitution – the… read more »

Role and Importance of Agriculture

Role and Importance of Agriculture   Foreign exchange earning Contribution to GNP Food security Employment ratio of imported food to local produce National and regional plan for agricultural development Trade liberalization          Careers in agriculture Sales Services Marketing Production Education Agro processing Journalism Engineering Administration