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When to update your Will

When to update your Will By: LawInfo Published: 02/2010 A will is an important document for estate planning that describes how property should be distributed after your death. Most people reflect a lot to do your will, for example, considers the need to provide for his family, appoint guardians for their children and support several charities.Properly executed his… read more »

How to contest a will

How to contest a will By: LawInfo Published: 12/2008 A will is designed to distribute the property and assets in the manner in which a deceased person you want to be distributed. Accordingly, a will is legally binding it is properly executed and was created when the person was mentally competent to do so and free from undue… read more »

Modifying a Will

Modifying a Will By: LawInfo Published: 12/2008 Sometimes a person executes a document believed to be his last will and testament. Assuming that the document is properly drafted and executed, a will that was created is the last will and testament of the person from the date it was written to the time when the individual dies, unless… read more »

Writing your own will

Writing your own will By: LawInfo Published: 01/2009 To ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes at the time of his death, it is important that you have a valid will at death. While in years past it was customary to go with your attorney to draft a will, there are several options available to… read more »

How do a will, step by step

Our will is the document where we inform our loved ones from our last will and how we want to have our property and rights when we’re gone, but beyond this is an invaluable tool for complications and long trials spare our family.   September is a month that conducive to do because being the… read more »

How to do a Will

How to do a will ? Making a will can seem complicated, but it is actually very simple. Notaries usually make available a format for people wills covering almost all needs. So we should just fill and submit the documents that we are asked (usually, only our photo ID). Once the notary public to be drafted,… read more »