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Tectonic Plates

Tectonic Plates The Earth’s surface is divided into thick slabs called tectonic plates. Each plate is a fragment of the Earth’s rigid outer layer, or lithosphere.   Tectonic Plates are probably driven by convection currents of molten rock that circulate with the Earth’s mantle. The lithosphere was too thin for tectonic plates until 500 million… read more »

Types Of War

Types Of War Donald C Best Answer – Chosen by Asker Big question. Okay, I’ll help you. I will also give you some more examples. 1.) Civil War. This is a war in which a large portion of the population of a country goes to war with another large part of the population, in open… read more »

The World Greatest Cricket Players

BIOGRAPHY :  Brian Lara Brian Lara is one of the biggest Super stars of the present era .People from all over the world love him because of his extraordinary talent and excessive services for the game of Cricket . People wants to know more and more about Brian Lara . Some very important information about… read more »

The National wear of Dominica

Dominica National Wear Dominica national wear – Wob Dwiyet :: http://dressdominique.com/   The National wear of Dominica The Wob Dwiyet dress (creole, from the French ‘robe douiette’) is part of Dominica’s national costume,and is a national symbol of Dominica. It gives rise to the annual Miss Wob Dwiyet competition which is part of our Independence… read more »

Cabrits National Park Dominica

Cabrits National Park  (Fort Shirley) Once the site of the most impressive military installation in the West Indies, this 18th Century garrison (Fort Shirley also called Cabrits) was built to protect the north area of Dominica by the British and French respectively. After years of abandonment the restoration of the Cabrits began in 1989 by… read more »