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Typical Uses of soursop as fruit

It is consumed as fruit or juice and is also used in the production of liqueurs and jams.Moreover, all parts of the guava plant are usable for different functions. * FRESH FRUIT consumed as whole fruit or fruit salad is used as raw material for preparation of juice, ice cream, desserts and homemade cakes. *… read more »

Quality control must pass before being marketed soursop

The nectar, as all food for human consumption, should be prepared with maximum hygiene measures to ensure the quality and not endanger the health of those who consume it. So be drawn in good health, with ripe fruit, fresh, clean and free of toxic residues. You can prepare fruit pulps concentrated or previously prepared or preserved,… read more »

The soursop can spread by seed or grafted trees.

The soursop can spread by seed or grafted trees. To propagate by seed, the seed should come from the best fruit of the trees whose fruit producers and are of the highest quality. Propagation by grafting involves the production of saplings patterns and yolks. The buds of trees should be taken with very good production,… read more »

Properties cultivation of soursop

The fruit is very delicate dark green covered with soft spines. Is relatively large, very thin shell. They should be harvested before ripe pulp is white, creamy, meaty, juicy and slightly acidic, measured 2-3 cm long, can weigh 2.5 kg in recent years, soursop extract has become widely acclaimed to have highly potent properties to fight cancer… read more »