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POB SBA Sample – Government Regulations

Government regulations is of existence in all countries, islands and states all around the world. Government regulations include the registering of the business, taxation, proper waste disposal etc. Before an owner of owners commence with business operations the business must be registered. In Dominican’s case, business operations can begin after registration at Inland Revenue. Not… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Ethical Issues

Ethical Issues   Within the business sector employees are given a hand book, “Rules and Regulations Policy of the Business” which highlights the do’s and don’ts of the business such dress code, misconduct, arrival and departure, attendance as well as other guidelines to follow.  Failure to adhere to these rules will result in the employee… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Linkages

Linkages   A linkage industry is an industry which is associated or connected to other industries in such a way that the existence of one is dependent on the other, or it enhances the other’s production process.  Producing jewellery the business will have to depend on the mining industry, while the local industry depend on… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Roles of the entrepreneur

Roles of the entrepreneur   Provide a detailed plan carefully drawn up with ideas regarding the business and products for producing to make a profit, with .the location, size of the business, number of departments also number of staff to assist in both the short and long term planning of the business.   Sourcing capital… read more »

Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Sources of capital

Sources of capital   Three Million Dollars ($3,000,000.00) is needed as capital to invest in the business to purchase  fixed assets such as land, machines, vehicles, equipment, raw materials, pay salary to staff members, with a little to invest for additional capital.   The banks and Credit Unions have been approached and an application for… read more »