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Work Skills And Ethics

General Care of the Computer– includes dusting the systems unit and the peripherals, covering the units when not in use, keeping the table surface and work environment clean and clutter free.   Ensure acceptable standards of work: Organisation of work. Quality of assignments for submission Effective time management Follow-up procedures.   Elements of desirable habits… read more »

Work Skill And Ethics

Standard of Work Produce high standards of work Make few errors Develop the skill of ethic and moral values that would make you a valuable member of your society or work place.   Organisation of work: Arrange your work area so that you can function efficiently and effectively. Ensure that items frequently used are always… read more »

Elements Of Desireable Habits And Work Ethics

TOPIC: WORK SKILLS AND ETHICS                                                                               ELEMENTS OF DESIREABLE HABITS AND WORK ETHICS Individual responsibility Be prepared to work without supervision. Know what you have to do and do it without having to be reminded.   Willingness Be enthusiastic about your work. Be keen to accept responsibilities and face new challenges.  … read more »