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Understand the benefits of ergonomics

Understand the benefits of ergonomics Ergonomics refers to the design of jobs and workplaces to fit workers and the work they do, instead of trying to change the workers according to their jobs. “Warrants” human engineering prevent injury, increase comfort and reduce fatigue. It also improves the quality and quantity of work and the overall profitability… read more »

Ergonomic Tips for computer work

fundamentals ergonomics will help you increase your comfort at work and at home and maintain health. What is ergonomics? Greek: Ergo – work, Nomos – laws. Ergonomics is multidisciplinary and includes many disciplines such as engineering, design, education, physiology, movement, posture, and more. The main aim is – to increase human productivity while reducing errors, increasing… read more »


Ergonomics can be defined as the application of scientific principles in the development and design of objects and environments for human activity. This is reflected in the etymology of the word “ergo” and “nomos” or “activity” and “standards” or refers to those rules or natural principles governing the activities of man. It is a range of skills… read more »

Work Skills And Ethics

General Care of the Computer– includes dusting the systems unit and the peripherals, covering the units when not in use, keeping the table surface and work environment clean and clutter free.   Ensure acceptable standards of work: Organisation of work. Quality of assignments for submission Effective time management Follow-up procedures.   Elements of desirable habits… read more »