edpm sba committee documents

✓ A Example of a Lease (EDPM)

LEASE In the city of ………. to ………………, appear for the execution of this contract, on the one hand, Mr- ———–, for their own rights, Ecuadorian, single, residing in this city of Quito, with citizenship # …………….. …. and who henceforth and for purposes of this contract will be referred to as the ” LESSOR “and, moreover,… read more »

Jobs with CxC EDPM Education background

Are you a resent graduate from a secondary school ? do you Have the subject EDPM as one of your core or main subject of interest and you are seeking a job/employment but not sure what field would a subject like EDPM get you? Although EDPM was introduced just a couple years ago(2000- 2005), the legacy of the EDPM subject… read more »


Ergonomics can be defined as the application of scientific principles in the development and design of objects and environments for human activity. This is reflected in the etymology of the word “ergo” and “nomos” or “activity” and “standards” or refers to those rules or natural principles governing the activities of man. It is a range of skills… read more »