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Food Web and Energy Pyramid

Pyramids of Power Trophic The food chain, or also known as the food, is the flow of energy and nutrients that is established between the different species in an ecosystem in relation to nutrition. In a biocenosis or biological community are: Primary producers: Autotrophs that using solar energy (photosynthesis) or mineral chemical reactions (chemosynthesis) obtain the… read more »

The soil ecosystem

Soil The ground is the substrate on which the moving support or many organisms. The set of relationships between the soil and the various organisms that inhabit the soil ecosystem form, consisting of a biotope and a living community or biocenosis. The biotope soil has the following characteristics: – The temperature is more stable than in the air environment. – The floor… read more »

What is Ecology?

What is Ecology? The ecology is the science that studies theecosystem . These are formed by the physical environment and the living beings that inhabit it.Among these elements are established numerous relationships, which are those that guarantee their equiibrioum The characteristics and composition of the different ecosystems depend largely on the climatic conditions of each zone. Man alone, according to… read more »

Trophic Levels: Feeding levels in a ecosystem

Ecosystem trophic structure All living things must have enough food to enable them to perform their vital functions. Food provides energy and matter . As you know, photosynthesis is essential to sustain life on Earth, and heterotrophic beings depend on food production made by autotrophs. Considering the type of nutrition and the role that organisms play in ecosystems,… read more »

Ecological Energy Pyramid(Trophic Levels)

For the ecosystem to function energy must be available and it must be transferred. Why? Because of the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics. The First Law states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can be converted from one form to another. The Second Law states that everything is running downhill or, more formally,… read more »