Cooking ecological (Ecological habits)

The nutritional value of food depends largely on how prepared: energy increases with decreases slowly Roast frozen and microwave ovens. For cooking green , we must act quickly. If you only have ten minutes to eat, prepare a dish raw. It makes no sense in the oven to warm food ingredients speeding and then suffer from heartburn all afternoon, it’s better… read more »

what is Emotional Ecology

Emotional Ecology The emotional ecology is the art of transforming emotions positively. With it you learn to channel the energy avoiding contamination of our emotions and its horrible consequences. With emotional ecology works inside and this is reflected on the outside, being participants in a positive contribution to the beings around him.   Emotional Ecology With the emotional ecology are able… read more »

What is Ecology?

What is Ecology? The ecology is the science that studies theecosystem . These are formed by the physical environment and the living beings that inhabit it.Among these elements are established numerous relationships, which are those that guarantee their equiibrioum The characteristics and composition of the different ecosystems depend largely on the climatic conditions of each zone. Man alone, according to… read more »