What is an ecosystem?

Ecosystem is a concept used mainly by ecology, regarded as the object of study, and is related to a natural system formed by organized living together. One could speak of a community of beings, but also participate in it the climate, geological conditions, chemicals, etc. After all it is a level of organization of nature. The organization… read more »

The Porsche Hybrid

The car was appreciated more points to defend our planet and protect the environment, as this well-known German brand will release in 2013 the technology incredible Hybrid 918 Spyder, the Porsche hybrid, a limited series that will not reach the thousand units of time and will priced from € 768,000. If you love cars and you… read more »

Ecological Creams Aka Organic Cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics The ecological creams newest on the market already, creams that accompany the course of Nature exploit its properties while respecting the environment where raw materials are grown. Learn to develop ecological creams in this article from Green Living.   When you buy organic cream in any establishment whether specialized or not, you should care for your… read more »

Cooking ecological (Ecological habits)

The nutritional value of food depends largely on how prepared: energy increases with decreases slowly Roast frozen and microwave ovens. For cooking green , we must act quickly. If you only have ten minutes to eat, prepare a dish raw. It makes no sense in the oven to warm food ingredients speeding and then suffer from heartburn all afternoon, it’s better… read more »