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Common Diseases in Poultry

Common Diseases in Poultry NEW CASTLE DISEASE (Virus) Symptoms are: Loss of appetite Respiration distress Coughing & Sneezing Green diarrhea and mucus from eyes and nostrils **Paralysis in LAYERS  there’ll be a rapid decline in egg production**   TREATMENT: Vaccination at 10-14 day will prevent an out break. The vaccination is usually mixed with water… read more »

Sources of micro nutrients

Micro nutrients this is a substance such as vitamin, and  minerals, that is essential for proper and metabolism of a living organism. Sources of micro nutrients  Vitamin- Orange, butter, carrot, bean, ground nut, and green vegetables.  Minerals- Milk, bread, salt, rice.  Deficiency diseases of micro nutrients  Anemia- lack of iron Xerohthalima- lack of vitamin A… read more »