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Beauty – Conditioning Treatment

Conditioning Treatment Once a week treat hair to a deep conditioning treatment with nourishing oils and masks that impart useful nutrients for hair and scalp health. For extra dry and brittle hair, use oil treatments twice a week until you see results. Conditioning Treatment – Prewash mud mask for dry hair and scalp Apply this… read more »

Coconut Oil Skin Treatment

The antiseptic fatty acids in coconut oil help it to fight fungal and bacterial infections in the skin. Our skin has a chemical barrier that is promoted by sweat and sebum. This barrier is lost once we have had a bath using soap. Coconut oil strengthens this chemical barrier and hence is useful in fighting… read more »

Pedophilia: Causes & Types

Perhaps no single act causes such strong emotions as the act of child sexual abuse.  Child   molesters cannot even find refuge in prisons where rapists and murderers are commonplace. These offenders are shunned in every aspect of our society, yet there is no consensus as to the causes of this behavior.Sexual abuse of children… read more »

10 Easy and Natural Ways to Get Rid of Acne

Are you looking for acne solutions that really work? The good news is, whether you’re a teenager or an adult suffering from acne, you don’t have to live with it. Here you can find 10 super easy and effective ways to get rid of acne. 1. Do not pick, press or rub your pimples. These… read more »

Curing Joint pain – remedies at home

There are a host of diseases caused due to ageing. But consuming a pill each time for alleviating pain is not the only solution. Hence, natural or home remedies should be adopted. Read on and find out how.     Joint pain is a common problem all over the globe that leaves many people confined in home… read more »

Common Diseases in Poultry

Common Diseases in Poultry NEW CASTLE DISEASE (Virus) Symptoms are: Loss of appetite Respiration distress Coughing & Sneezing Green diarrhea and mucus from eyes and nostrils **Paralysis in LAYERS  there’ll be a rapid decline in egg production**   TREATMENT: Vaccination at 10-14 day will prevent an out break. The vaccination is usually mixed with water… read more »