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Conventional & Non Conventional Farming

Conventional & Non Conventional Farming   Conventional farming (inorganic Agriculture) 1.      This is farming using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, basically to help the food grow faster. E.g. inorganic farming- mainly uses techniques.   Non Conventional farming (organic Agriculture) 2.      It does not include the use of any fertilizers. These farmers use natural feeds and fertilizers… read more »

History Sba Slavery in the British Caribbean (Sampled Version)

History Sba Women and resistance to slavery in the British Caribbean Struggle against slavery was an ever-present and enduring characteristic of Caribbean slave life, with women being no less prominent in the resistance than men.[8] Resistance to slavery was a significant part of the lives of female slaves and it took many forms, ranging from… read more »

Sample of Principle of Businness (S.B.A.) Marketing

Sample of Principle of Businness (S.B.A.) Marketing Submitted by: semajl Name of Company: Sensatioń Lissé Name of Product: Amethyst Mission Statement: To cleanse and enhance skin’s texture and erase today’s stereotypical view of beauty and inspire both men and women to take better care of their skin. Vision Statement: To be the best our company can… read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: Sample of a Chairman’s agenda

Chairman’s agenda Techmarine shipping lines limited Large committee 5th April 2010 at 3:00pm Floor 3, Room # A012 Apologies for absence 1.      Declarations of interest- members are asked To identify those items in which they have An interest. 2.      Minutes of the previous meeting Working Programme for the Year 3.      Overview and scrutiny work program-… read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: Sample Of a will

A Will….. I HEREBY REVOKE all former will and testamentary depositions whatsoever heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament ————————————————————————————– I HEREBY APPOINT my sister STEPHANIE KING-FRANCIS of 96 Carite Street Mona and OSUNYEMI COLLINS of Hibiscus Street Petit Valley Solicitor to be Executors and Trustees of this… read more »

Plant & Animal Cells Staining Lab Answers

Purpose The purpose of this lab is to learn how to prepare a wet mound, to learn proper staining techniques and to examine human cheek cells and onion skin cells. Hypothesis It is predicted that all cells, no matter if it be plant or animal, will be in beside each other in large groups, that… read more »

French Ordinal numbers

French Ordinal numbers   Number # 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 2.e 3.e 4.e 5.e 6.e 7.e 8.e 9.e 10.e   French Premier or premiere Deuxième Troisième Quatrième Cinquième Sixième Septième Huitième Neuvième Dixième          

How To View Private Facebook Profiles

How To View Private Facebook Profiles By: W. Davies Break Studios Contributing Writer Facebook has added a variety of private settings and this has made people curious as to learn how to view private Facebook profiles. Facebook has become a huge success over the years taking the top spot that once belonged to MySpace not too long… read more »

The Mango Fruit Caribbean Tropical Fruit

Mango is a tropical tree cultivated in many regions of India and now distributed wide across the world in many continents. Usually, fruits grow at the end of a long, string like stem, with sometimes more than one fruit to a stem. Each fruit measures 5 to 15 cm in length and about 4 to… read more »