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Months of The Year in (Spanish)

Months of The Year in Spanish   English 1.      January 2.      February 3.      March 4.      April 5.      May 6.      June 7.      July 8.      August 9.      September 10.  October 11.  November 12.  December Spanish 1.      enero 2.      febrero 3.      marzo 4.      abril 5.      mayo 6.      junio 7.      Julio 8.      agosto 9.      septiembre 10.  octubre 11.  noviembre… read more »

Family Members in Spanish

Family Members in Spanish     Mi hijo – my son Mi papa – my father Mi mama – my mother Mi hija – my daughter Mis hijos – my children (sons and daughters, or sons only) Mis hijas – my daughters   Mi hermano/a mayor – my older (big) brother/sister Mi hermano/a menor –… read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: Sample of a Manuscript

Formatting a Word Document This section presents formatting techniques beginning with the most automated first’s and then moves on to methods that gives you greater levels of formatting control. For other documents, you might need to use techniques described near the end of the chapter to modify automatically applied formats or to achieve more exacting… read more »

Sport Organizations & Presidents of Organizations

Sport Organizations What do these acronyms mean?   WICB – westindes cricket board DAAA – Dominica amateur athletics association DCA – Dominica cricket association NACAC – North America central America Caribbean athletic association CNA – Caribbean netball association CONCACAF – Confederation of north Central America and Caribbean football association Presidents of Organizations   WICB –… read more »

The Consequences of Migration

Consequences of Migration  (On Country of Destination) Positive consequences of migration to country of (Destination) New skills introduced *New cultures introduced & integrated *The labor force may be more ready   Negative consequences of migration to country of (Destination) Exploitation of workers (under employment) Open violence against newly arrived who do not wish to integrate…. read more »