History Sba Slavery in the British Caribbean (Sampled Version)

History Sba Women and resistance to slavery in the British Caribbean Struggle against slavery was an ever-present and enduring characteristic of Caribbean slave life, with women being no less prominent in the resistance than men.[8] Resistance to slavery was a significant part of the lives of female slaves and it took many forms, ranging from… read more »

The Mango Fruit Caribbean Tropical Fruit

Mango is a tropical tree cultivated in many regions of India and now distributed wide across the world in many continents. Usually, fruits grow at the end of a long, string like stem, with sometimes more than one fruit to a stem. Each fruit measures 5 to 15 cm in length and about 4 to… read more »

Sport Organizations & Presidents of Organizations

Sport Organizations What do these acronyms mean?   WICB – westindes cricket board DAAA – Dominica amateur athletics association DCA – Dominica cricket association NACAC – North America central America Caribbean athletic association CNA – Caribbean netball association CONCACAF – Confederation of north Central America and Caribbean football association Presidents of Organizations   WICB –… read more »