High School to College Transition

High School to College Transition Many new college students enter college misinformed about how to succeed academically in a college environment. In arecent study of high school seniors, 89% expected that their collegiate academic experience would echo that of high school. Other studies support this, and I’ve seen it play out first hand over and… read more »

How to Develop a Brand

Branding in the Spotlight – How to Develop a Brand Creating a memorable and recognizable brand image, message and promise is the ideal for every chief brand officer, brand manager or business owner, but how does one get there? I offer three key steps to achieve brand awareness and foster brand reputation: Consistency: Your brand messages should… read more »

Types Of Production in Business

The Three Types Of Production Are; Primary Production Secondary Production Tertiary Production Primary Production – is the extraction of basic materials provided by nature, either above or below the earth surface. the extractive industries are: Farming , Fishing and Mining. without these, production would not take place. Agriculture is an important primary production in the Caribbean. Secondary… read more »

Methods Of Public relation

Public Relation – The means and ways to get someone interested in your company Methods of Public Relation Marketing Srategies Advertising Discounts grand opening (sales) Always be clean Word of the mouth Benefits Of Good Public Relation To attract good costumers To gain Credibility To create more interest in your business