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Lettuce Production: Agriculture SBA Sample – Clearing of Land

NOTE: Make sure that your introduction on your lettuce production is similar to this but based on what you did in school(Change up the words).. this person got 29/30. Land Clearing We started clearing the land on the 27th January, 2011 from 9:00am-1:00pm. We were placed in groups of 2 and each group had 1… read more »

Types of Plant Cuttings Used To Propagate New Plants

Types of Plant Cuttings Used To Propagate New Plants Stem cuttings are out growing stems or mature sprouts or tip cuttings. Many types of stem cuttings may be taken.   Soft wood cuttings are from the young soft tips of stems. Usually the soft wood cuttings are taken in the Spring from fast growing tips… read more »

Major Crops In the Caribbean

Major Crops In the Caribbean   Caribbean Countries Major  Crops Antigua Barbados Belize Cuba Dominica Grenada Guyana Jamaica Montserrat St.kitts & Nevis   St.lucia  St.vincent Trinidad Cotton , pine , appleSugar cane , vegetable Bananas, sugarcane, rice, citrus ,corn ,vege Sugarcane, tobacco, potato, rice Banana, citrus, coconut Cocoa , nutmeg, banana, ápice Rice, sugarcane Cofffe,… read more »

The Different Types of Cropping Systems(Crop Husbandry)

Crop Husbandry The Different Cropping Systems   Mix farming – the growing of crops and the raring of animals on the same piece of land. Mix cropping – the planting of two or more crops alternatively on one piece of land. Crop rotation – the rotation of crops to allow greater fertility. Cover crop –… read more »

Plant Quarantine Measures

Plant Quarantine  Plant Quarantine – Is the name given to the process of isolating in sealed rooms, plants and plant materials suspected of being diseased or as having potential of carrying or having diseases? Three reasons why diseased plants should be quarantine. To prevent the introduction of pest and diseases. To enable the eradication of… read more »

Common Diseases in Poultry

Common Diseases in Poultry NEW CASTLE DISEASE (Virus) Symptoms are: Loss of appetite Respiration distress Coughing & Sneezing Green diarrhea and mucus from eyes and nostrils **Paralysis in LAYERS  there’ll be a rapid decline in egg production**   TREATMENT: Vaccination at 10-14 day will prevent an out break. The vaccination is usually mixed with water… read more »

How to maintain soil fertility?

How to maintain soil fertility? Soil fertility is often maintained by using these three matters   Lime (white lime) often placed around fig and plantain plants. Urea (animals dung especially Poultry, Pig & Bat feces). N.P.K – (Nitrogen , Phosphorus and Potassium)