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Conventional & Non Conventional Farming

Conventional & Non Conventional Farming   Conventional farming (inorganic Agriculture) 1.      This is farming using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, basically to help the food grow faster. E.g. inorganic farming- mainly uses techniques.   Non Conventional farming (organic Agriculture) 2.      It does not include the use of any fertilizers. These farmers use natural feeds and fertilizers… read more »

Business of Farming

Business of Farming     Role and importants of agriculture     The challenges confronting agriculture     Alternatives to conventional farming     Economic factors of production     Trade agreements     Farm finances and support services

Cultural practices associated with crop production

Cultural practices associated with crop production Moulding – gathering soil around the plant to avoid soil erosion, and for proper aeration. Mulching – the placing of dry grass, cardboard or plastic to keep soil moist and prevent soil erosion. Staking – a stick is placed besides a plant to prevent it from bending or fruit… read more »

Reason why seeds will not germinate

Reason why seeds will not germinate Commercial processing of seeds is designed to ensure maximal germination, not to stop them germinating.The simple fact is that not all seeds are viable, just as not all pregnacies result in children.For various reasons seeds can fail. Sometimes that is because of genetic flaws within the seeds. Sometimes the… read more »

Honey & Antibiotic Properties: Manuka & Ulmo

Historically, honey has been used by humans to treat a variety of ailments through topical application, but only recently have the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey been chemically explained. Hydrogen peroxide is formed in a slow-release manner by the enzyme glucose oxidase present in honey. It becomes active only when honey is diluted, requires… read more »

Lettuce Production: Agriculture SBA Sample – Making Of Bed

NOTE: Make sure that your Making of Bed on your lettuce production is similar to this but based on what you did in school(Change up the words).. this person got 29/30. Bed Preparation(Making Of Bed) Making of bed commenced on January 29th 2011. After we were given our area for planting, I used measuring tape in order… read more »