Jewelry Manufacturer: Pob SBA Sample – Government Regulations

POB SBA TIPS | November 5, 2013 | Comments 1
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Government Regulations


Fabulous Jewelry will be registered at the Offices of the Registrar of Companies as a Business Name.  Statutory regulations taxes such as National Insurance Scheme, Income Tax, Property Tax, and National Housing Trust will be paid to the government ministries.  Environment guidelines set out by National Environment Planning Agency (NEPA) will be followed for the disposal of toxic waste from producing the products to protect the environment.


The business will adhered to the labour laws where each employee will be treated fairly, paid salary for the 40 hours work, time and half thereafter, no discrimination, and given leave when earned among other regulating laws.  Without consumers there is no business, so the consumers will be treated with respect, complaints followed up and solved, and quality customer service maintained.

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