Fucus vesiculosus properties

Green Living Ecology | January 18, 2013 | Comments 0
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The Fucus vesiculosus L , is an algae that is mainly used as a supplement for weight control diets. This alga is found in rocks and beaches of the Atlantic coast of Europe, from Norway to the Iberian Peninsula, which is found in abundance. In Spain is collected primarily in the Galician and can reach 90 centimeters in length.


Fucus dry form contains carbohydrates, minerals such as iodine and potassium, proteins and lipids. It also has carotene and vitamins of types A, B, C and E. Furthermore, bladderwrack is a very nutritious plant and remineralizing used in slimming diets because it stimulates the metabolism. Other properties of Fucus vesiculosus is satiating and slightly laxative.

A curiosity of this alga is that, because they live in very cold areas, contains principles with antifreeze properties, which allow you to withstand low temperatures without freezing winter.

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