Disadvantages of impact printers(Simpler Answer)

Disadvantages of impact printers(Simpler Answer)

Disadvantages of impact printers(Simpler Answer) They are noisy They create noise when the pins or typeface strike the ribbon to the paper. The use of Sound dampening enclosures or covers become necessary in quiet environments. They have limited scope They can only print lower-resolution graphics. Their colour performance is low. They print low quality printouts. […]

The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual (SBA)

The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual (SBA)

  The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual   The (E.D.P.M) Reference Manual is a document compilation of 20 documents that you have learnt to prepare. The manual will serve as a reference book that you would be able to use in interviews and in actual performance of duties at work. The documents should be, of mailable standards, […]

Word Processing

Word Processing Word processing increases your efficiency because it:   It allows you to see your work on the screen. It allows you to read on and correct it before it is printed. You can add ,delete or rearrange your words if you need to address the same letter to many receiptants. Word processing enables […]

Documents Prepared for Meetings

Documents Prepared for Meetings Notice of a meeting Agenda of a meeting Minutes of a meeting Chairman’s agenda  

Types Of Business Papers

*Types Of Business Papers* Bon paper Onion skin Document cover Nrc Paper(no carbon required) A stencil   Carbon paper Parchment paper Carbon stencils Index paper Flimsy paper Customized Paper

Work Skill And Ethics

Standard of Work Produce high standards of work Make few errors Develop the skill of ethic and moral values that would make you a valuable member of your society or work place.   Organisation of work: Arrange your work area so that you can function efficiently and effectively. Ensure that items frequently used are always […]

Elements Of Desireable Habits And Work Ethics

TOPIC: WORK SKILLS AND ETHICS                                                                               ELEMENTS OF DESIREABLE HABITS AND WORK ETHICS Individual responsibility Be prepared to work without supervision. Know what you have to do and do it without having to be reminded.   Willingness Be enthusiastic about your work. Be keen to accept responsibilities and face new challenges.   […]

Communication Media & Devices

Wireless network: A wireless does not use cables. It uses infrared or microwave radio signals to transmit and receive data. Wireless network are used where cables are inconvenient, for eg. If the network is created among building separated by streets. They are usually more expensive than cable-linked network. Cellular network: Some cellular phones are use […]

Efficient data communication

Efficient data communication must be Accurate Timely Cost effective Data communication allows users to transmit and receive data and information. The term media is the collection name for material s(tape, paper, disk) used to hold or transmit data. Communication media refers to the material used to transmit data and includes cables, fibre-opitc cable, radio waves […]

Communication Media & Devices

TOPIC:  COMMUNICATION DEVICES AND MEDIA OBJECTIVE:         Distinguish between communication devices and communication media. A communication device- is a physical part that enables one computer to communicate with another. The modem-is a communication device. Communication media– are the links via which the signals are transmitted. Communication media include cables, telephone lines and electromagnetic waves such as […]