What is the dollar?

The dollar is a currency that arises in North America, and today is widely used and accepted in the world. The sign represents the dollar is “$”. The sign, come from the first Spanish coins used at the time of the independence of the United States.Since these coins were represented in the two Pillars of Hercules […]

What is the currency of which country?

In this article we will explore the major currencies used in the world, along with providing interesting background about it. The currency is the object (gold, silver, copper or paper), legitimized and a value assigned by the competent authority. Through the same payments are made for the purchase of property, monetary transactions, payment of fees, etc.. It is […]

What is a two-person account?

A two-person checking account is a financial instrument in which two people have one account at the same bank. This is a good way to save a couple, especially because the fees banks charge for maintaining current accounts. As is sensed, the most effective against the use of this financial product, is using it based on […]

What is a credit card?

A credit card is any document that allows the owner, purchase or acquire both goods and services, if you have an amount approved by the issuer’s premises and facilities that are associated with this payment system. Generally, it is a rectangular shaped plastic card which has a magnetic stripe. Its design is standard, because ISO regulating […]

What is inflation?

Inflation is a term used in the field of economics, which is related to the sustained and widespread rise in prices of goods and services within the capitalist market, because the amount of money in circulation exceeds the value of the products that money can buy, bringing the main consequence of the devaluation of the […]

What is the interest rate?

The interest rate is defined as the price paid for the use of money, for a certain period of time.This price refers to a percentage of the money transaction takes place. In the event that the case of a deposit, then the interest rate will refer to the salary received by the institution or person paying […]

What is income tax?

The income tax is set to a direct tax, natural character and subjective, which is levied on personal income. In other words, it is a tax on income or gain that has occurred from an investment or a return on capital. You can also try the product of a dependent or independent.In simpler terms, the income tax […]

What is money?

The money can be understood as a means of payment. Therefore, is that money can be understood as anything, that society as a whole, acceptable, when making a payment for a good, service, or a previously acquired debt. This is how come into play, notes and coins, a world apart are bank deposits, which in theory […]

Why gold is used as money?

As we all know gold is a metallic yellow metal, this color made him very appealing to the eyes of the first human beings, in fact the metallic sheen is something that has always attracted although the reason for this is not clear. It is also one of the few elements that can be found in […]

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a financial mechanism in which a sum of contributions of money, delivered both by an individual as a legal entity, are received by a corporation or financial, who invests in various types of financial instruments, which are goods or publicly offered securities. The main objective is to make a profit, which will […]