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Communication Media & Devices

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OBJECTIVE:         Distinguish between communication devices and communication media.

  • A communication device- is a physical part that enables one computer to communicate with another.
  • The modem-is a communication device.
  • Communication media– are the links via which the signals are transmitted. Communication media include cables, telephone lines and electromagnetic waves such as radio, satellite or cellular telephone.
  • Networks-allow computer to communicate with each other and share resources.
  • A local area network (LAN) connects computers within an office or building.
  • A wide area network (WAN) connects computers over a large geographic area such as a city or country.
  • The Internet is an international network that links together millions of computers.
  • Cellular networks- allow people to communicate using mobile telephone.
  • Telecommunication-is the sending and receiving of data by means of cable or wireless devices.

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