Various Tips

How to make a resume?

Then we will see step by step how to make an attractive and strategic resume to submit applications for the job. During the process of sending, receiving and subsequent call for interview must have patience because it is normal that this last several months. Sending your personal data in a proper way is important for… read more »


CXC EXAM TIPS: Make sure to do all that is needed when going into the exam e.g. carry a pencil, pen, ruler, go to bathroom etc. When studying make sure to go for your comfort zone as this will help you to learn better. Set out guidelines to help balance your study time. Study in groups… read more »

Ergonomic Tips for computer work

fundamentals ergonomics will help you increase your comfort at work and at home and maintain health. What is ergonomics? Greek: Ergo – work, Nomos – laws. Ergonomics is multidisciplinary and includes many disciplines such as engineering, design, education, physiology, movement, posture, and more. The main aim is – to increase human productivity while reducing errors, increasing… read more »

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter

The Curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter is an essential for those seeking to extricate the world of work, safe handling of these two instruments will already be a big step to build your professional credibility. Here below a board orientation produced very useful information of Turin, as well as short explanations and models standard… read more »

Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette is an electronic device shaped cigar whose use is twofold without seeking smokers who quit ignoring choose vapear inhaling the numerous carcinogens in snuff, or smokers who do not wish to disturb enclosed spaces who is in their midst. The electronic cigarette has three basic components, cartridge, atomizer and battery. The atomizer is the essential character of this electronic… read more »

Thyroid, a simple book to understand symptoms and diseases (Italian)

It is with great pleasure the initiative of a doctor endocrinologist, who has recently made ​​commercially available text created with the aim of making accessible and usable medical information on the thyroid and the related conditions, before describing in detail the contents text, I note that part of the proceeds of this book will be… read more »

Health insurance for travel abroad

The trip is booked for months, luggage ready for days, Fido is Fufi by his grandmother and his aunt … all of a sudden a doubt assails you:if you catch me swine flu and I did not healing it properly ? If I get hurt in this fantastic and exclusive island lost in the ocean? Yet the cousin’s… read more »

Medications for travel

After evaluating whether or not to rely on a ‘ health insurance private during the trip is well prepared with attention to your own small first aid kit to take on holiday, it is important that drugs are stored in their original boxes with leaflets, which can be very useful in case of doubts on the use… read more »