Has technology influenced art?

Answer : Artists in Europe and the United States were influenced by art from other societies. Paul Gauguin and Henri Matisse were inspired by Japanese silk-screen prints. Pablo Picasso tried to show the many views or angles in any subject. This style became known as Cubism. Many recent art shows include photography, film, objects or… read more »

What is a hovercraft?

Answer : The hovercraft can travel on water and land. It stays suspended A few centimetres above the ground or water surface with the help of an air cushion that it creates by the thrust of its jet engines. It is used as a fast patrol boat by the police and military of several countries… read more »

Social Video Sharing Glasses! Electric Powered Sunglasses!

Act now and get $100 off retail by pledging for your own glasses pre-order +An extra $10 off the 1st pair! Go for it, you’ll be glad you did. Pledge by choosing an option on the right! Thanks! → The Problem: Recording video or taking pictures is clunky.  You have to pull out your smart phone… read more »

To what extent are laser disc players similar to CD players?

Answer : Optically, they are identical. However, the laser disc player uses an analog recording technique (non-digital) to recreate the video signal. I think that the lengths of ridges (or perhaps pits) in the aluminum surface are used to control the analog signal strength.

How can I build an AM radio?

AM radio I can think of—a crystal radio. A crystal radio already addresses most of the issues of AM radio and more sophisticated AM radios just improve on its performance.