Social Studies

Social Studies SBA (School Based Assessment ) Outline & Procedure

Social Studies (SBA)School Based Assessment Outline    School Based Assessment(SBA). This is an evaluation conducted by the school while the social studies course is still in process. Candidates are required to conduct a guided research and document their findings your teacher/ other appropriate persons will guide you throughout the process. You MUST do your own work; it should… read more »

Social Studies Single Parent SBA Sample

Social Studies Single Parent SBA Sample Problem Statement What are the problems encountered by single parents in my community? The study seeks to find out:  If single parent is a widespread  The causes of single parent  The problems that single parent face  The average of single parent Reasons for selecting this… read more »

Ways to Reduce Abortion in my Community

  Access to free birth control reduces abortion rates. Health Awareness – Educating about The risk of having an abortion. Every man, woman, and child in this country needs to know what are the various forms of birth control and the positives and negatives of each. There must be no barrier preventing access to birth… read more »

Social Sba Sample – Questionnaire on Drugs

Questionnaire   Instructions:    Please put a tick         in the box next to the answer of your choice or write in the space provided as the case may be.   Sex                  Male            Female   Age 13-14             15-16          17-19   Religion   Christianity                Islam   Rastafarian               Other   What type of family are you from?  … read more »

The consequences of migration on Children/Adolescents/Families

what are some of the physical problem children whose parents migrated experience? The consequences of migration In our country, the phenomenon of migration in recent years has been the subject of analysis and concern, both by state establishments as various sectors of society, the fact is that you are starting to see very clearly the… read more »

Grounds For Annulment

  Grounds For Annulment Non consummation of marriage. Undue, force being used to get couple to marry. Marriage between close relatives. One partner being underage (no parental consent) at time of marriage. One partner being mentally invalid or incapable. When a couple decides to divorce, the following consideration must be taken in mind: Alimony payments… read more »

What is a Stimulant & Depressants

Stimulant & Depressants Stimulants: Any drug that excites any bodily function; usually one that stimulates the central nervous system, inducing alertness, elevated mood, wakefulness, increased speech and motor activity, and decreased appetite. Their mood-elevating effects make some stimulants (e.g., amphetamines, caffeine and its relatives, cocaine, nicotine) potent drugs of abuse Ritalin, prescribed for attention deficit… read more »

Importance of Family Planning

Family planning is the process of allowing individuals and couples to anticipate and attain their desired number of children and the spacing and timing of their births.   Importance of Family Planning   To encourage parents to spend more time with their family To ensure that every baby is a planned baby It helps improve… read more »