Natural Smoothies

Flaxseed Slimming – How to prepare

As mentioned earlier in this blog, the flaxseed diet serves , it was found that slimming effect many times, now we’ll see how to prepare a papaya smoothie with flaxseed to lose weight fast . This smoothie is actually a mixture of papaya, flax, milk and fiber. If you want to lose weight you must take in your breakfast or even in your dinner,… read more »

Juice to cleanse and detoxify the liver

The liver performs many functions, including debugging toxins, producing bile, aid digestion of fats, and eliminate hormones, help absorb some vitamins, glycogen storage, etc. being so very important to this body as healthy as possible. For this we should occasionally do some debugging or cure liver detoxification . And what better to do with natural and non-destructive. This day… read more »

Juice to combat tiredness or fatigue

Today we bring you another prescription from a natural juice to combat fatigue , it is a juice made with bananas, strawberries, pineapple, orange and apple. It is delicious and best of all is healing. So to avoid fatigue has been said with this healing juice. Ingredients : – 1/2 ripe banana – 1/2 cup strawberries – 1/2 cup small pieces… read more »

Juice to relieve Colitis – apple and carrot juice for Colitis

Colitis or irritable bowel syndrome is an inflammation of colon that occurs for various reasons, but luckily there are home remedies for irritable bowel , and now we recommend Botica excellent Homemade juice will help relieve colitis . This is an apple and carrot juice, is rich and alleviates irritable colon , so I recommend you take it every week with moderation,… read more »

Juice to burn body fat, abdomen, waist, etc.

To remove excess fat mass, intense exercises are not a good solution. Although there are certain exercises that help us burn fat fast , but today I give you a recipe for a juice to burn body fat . This is a juice or fat burner natural juice made from cabbage, grapefruit and celery. Then I leave the recipe to prepare yourself, remember… read more »