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Soursop or Graviola tree fruit

“Please share with your friends and family! The soursop or fruit Graviola tree is a miracle that kills cancer, being 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy studies .. and is a remedy that has cured many. If you or someone you know has cancer, just drink some soursop juice. This is a preventive measure against… read more »

The Hoax and Medicine: "The custard does not cure cancer"

After so many years of the Internet, no one should continue to give importance to the “Hoax “. But it turns out that people still prefer to believe a bunch of lies that come by email rather than scientific publications. They prefer to believe the alleged “doctor invented name” that your doctor of all life. The Hoax to… read more »

Benefits of natural incense

Incense is a product that was fashionable a few years ago, kept getting up from then thanks mainly to the benefits provided and the rapid spread through word of mouth. Today it is easy to meet someone who is fond of incense in your home providing all necessary equipment to enjoy the aroma given off when… read more »

Combat uric acid and cholesterol naturally

Uric acid is due principalmete by excessive consumption of certain products such as meat, sausage, mayonnaise, soups industrialized, etc. So if you consume these products have a high uric acid, but here we give you a choice to reduce uric acid . It is basically a vegetable stock that have properties to reduce uric acid naturally , so this wine consumed… read more »

Natural anti-aging juice – juice to rejuvenate

If you want to consume juice to rejuvenate you’ve come to the right place, because here are the recipe for a juice preparation that will rejuvenate your body gradually. As we know  fruits by excellent antioxidant containing, so this is based on fruit juice with a high content of antioxidants. Read on and discover the recipe. To maintain a healthy body by… read more »

Benefits of massage relax body

The body massage is one of the most important disciplines and most underrated by many people.If you knew all the benefits of body massage can offer your body you practiced a body massage at least once a week. The various massage techniques and body types and uses thereof are very broad in the same way… read more »

DOES cure cancer with baking soda?

The popular local television host, Mr. ADRIANA SIFUENTES of the “Health and Beauty” of Channel 47 interviewed Durango XXI Nutritionist Fausto Guerra, who is one year old in Healthy Living Alkalina World, and who leads the Diet Protocol Dr . Young. THIS IS THE FULL INTERVIEW AS televised. ADRIANA: Welcome to your “Health and Beauty” as… read more »


La guanabana, también conocida popularmente como graviola o chirimoya brasileña, es considerada uno de los más poderosos anticancerígenos que existen. Esto se debería a la alta concentración de acetogeninas que tiene este fruto muy popular en Sur America. Según investigaciones que se han realizado, esta sustancia presente en la fruta sería de gran ayuda para… read more »


El árbol de guanábana o GUYABANO, frutos, hojas, corteza es un milagro natural killer células cancerosas. 10.000 veces más potente que la quimioterapia, sí, es verdad 10.000 veces más potente que la quimioterapia. ¿Por qué no somos conscientes de ello? Esto se debe a que algunos medicamentos Gran Corporación desea realizar de nuevo el dinero gastado en… read more »