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HEALTH – How to make a soursop (Graviola) leaf tea

Charlie Medeiros ‘ll teach you how to dehydrate and make the tea leaf soursop. other day I received an email from a doctor friend of mine, anesthesiologist and professor of Portuguese, containing an article by a naturalist doctor talking about the various benefits of soursop leaf tea including as a potent inhibitor of cancer cells, among thousand… read more »

Beneficial Interior Design Assistance For you to Spruce Up Your Home

Find imaginative when scouting for counter-tops for your kitchen counter surfaces. Standard supplies like granitic are well-liked, yet think about using tangible, cork and wood can be beautiful options. These kind of distinctive choices can also be less costly and also add individuality on your kitchen area. A new searching kitchen area upgrade can be… read more »

Home Remedies: How to Cure Fever

If you are suffering from fever, here are an excellent remedy to cure fever naturally, you only need alcohol and rosemary. It is simple and easy to prepare. No longer will you have to go looking for the other side how to cure fever , try it and see that it works, I did a few days ago I had a… read more »

As eliminating foot fungus

Below we offer an excellent and natural home remedy for eliminating foot fungus , is a simple treatment with which you can remove those annoying and unwanted fungus from your feet. The home remedy is based on honey and salt, these are the main ingredients to prepare the remedy and should apply until you heal from fungi and no… read more »

As combat vaginal dryness

The vaginal dryness is the lack of a common and unpleasant result many factors such as menopause, decreased estrogen, pregnancy, postpartum or breastfeeding. To combat this, it is advisable to include evening primrose pearls (3 a day), wheat germ oil (2 to 3 tablespoons a day) and olive oil in the diet. Additionally, this gel is marigold especially effective… read more »

How to prevent hair loss

Many reasons explain the alopecia : family heritage, external aggression or internal derangement. Ideally look for the root of the problem often lies not just in the head but in another part of our body. However, there are simple remedies, based on products of nature, to activate hair growth and to protect it. One of these natural remedies are: Nettle… read more »

As eliminate insomnia

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder worldwide, more than ever we suffered from insomnia and know how frustrating it is to want to sleep and could not.But there are many people who suffer this night after night, and that is why we decided to offer this natural remedy to eliminate insomnia .   For insomnia can make: Cooking of… read more »

How to remove the hiccups in adults

Hiccups are very common in children and adults, more than ever we have suffered a bout of hiccups that really is annoying, but there is one effective remedy to remove the hiccups .And that’s what this article in an effective non-drug, all 100% natural. Sugar with vinegar to remove the hiccups in adults to disappear these involuntary… read more »

Ginger Syrup Cough (Remedy)

Many times the cough does not leave us in peace and that is why we resort to a homemade cough remedy , but do not know which is the most effective and Homemade Botica now you will notice that the ginger is good to relieve cough . Read on and find out. It is a natural ginger syrup for cough , I… read more »

Relieving Cream Homemade Acne

If you have acne is sure to want to eliminate those pimples permanently, but you must use an acne cream that is effective and not some only damage the skin. Therefore we will recommend a homemade cream to relieve acne also will serve to make your face look healthy and radiant. The anti acne cream is based on natural products like… read more »