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HEALTH – How to make a soursop (Graviola) leaf tea

Charlie Medeiros ‘ll teach you how to dehydrate and make the tea leaf soursop. other day I received an email from a doctor friend of mine, anesthesiologist and professor of Portuguese, containing an article by a naturalist doctor talking about the various benefits of soursop leaf tea including as a potent inhibitor of cancer cells, among thousand… read more »

Properties and medicinal uses of cilantro

  Among the properties of cilantro protrudes which is rich in oils that act on the digestive system, which stimulates appetite and relieves irritation. Coriander also has a lot of vitamins, particularly vitamins A and K but also contains enough vitamins B, C and E. Another important property is cilantro mineral content, such as potassium, calcium,… read more »

Ecosystems:Components, Performance, Trophic Levels And Food Chains

Ecosystems Introduction The ecosystem concept is especially interesting to understand the workings of nature and many environmental issues that exist today. Nature is whole essence of our planet. It must be stressed that human life is developed in close relationship with nature and its operation affects us completely. It is a mistake to think that our… read more »

Requested: Different Types of Leaf Shapes

LEAF SHAPES   There are many different leaf shapes in nature. What follows in this tutorial are the most common leaf shapes. Ovate An Ovate leaf is described as being broadest below the middle, and roughly 2x as long as it is wide. A way to remember this leaf is that it is “egg-shaped. Obovate An Obovate… read more »

Emotional properties of minerals

Emotional properties of minerals Minerals have become one of the most used by therapists worldwide . The effect they have on people continues to create many skeptical about its benefits, which are inca peace to explain exactly why you have these results: generates no tangible changes to the naked eye, are not consumed or burned or physically altered. What… read more »

Seaweed in our diet

Seaweed in our diet Edible Algae are an environmentally friendly product that has expanded enormously in recent years throughout the West. Motivated by the Japanese culture and the benefits of this type of food, it is now much easier to find this type of algae in many shops, particularly those specializing in organic food. A phenomenon in turn raised… read more »

Trophic Levels: Feeding levels in a ecosystem

Ecosystem trophic structure All living things must have enough food to enable them to perform their vital functions. Food provides energy and matter . As you know, photosynthesis is essential to sustain life on Earth, and heterotrophic beings depend on food production made by autotrophs. Considering the type of nutrition and the role that organisms play in ecosystems,… read more »

Powerful Tools for health

Vegetables, that’s the secret. Following a vegetarian menu represents an effective and pleasant to achieve good health. The vegetarian eating pattern is based on a variety of foods that are delicious, healthy and satisfy your appetite. Vegetarians avoid meat, fish and poultry. Those who include dairy products and eggs in their diet, are called lacto-ovo vegetarians. Pure vegetarians, or… read more »

soursop for her2 positive treatment

Mammary tumors are in the process of re-cataloging. The landing of biological therapies against precise alterations requires that the rates are now grouped according to these molecular features and pathologic features of its cells, as did formerly. The continuing advances in research make the new scheme is provisional and could be improved. The advent of molecular biology… read more »

Different Lobes of the brain

Different Lobes of the brain (different parts) THERE ARE FOUR LOBES OF THE BRAIN Lobe                                                       Location Frontal lobe                    … read more »