Earth Science

how does evapotranspiration help in the process of nutrients uptake in plants

he leaves offer themselves to the sun….their stomata (pores) open….and moisture evaporates. Water is drawn upward from the roots and through the stems to replace this lost water. This process is called “evapotranspiration”. he plant uses it’s energy from evapotranspiration to draw water from the soil. But when there is SALT present, it becomes harder… read more »

Which was the largest meat-eating dinosaur?

Answer : Theropods were not as large as their plant-eating cousins. However, some, like tyrannosaurus rex and giganotosaurus, grew to a length of about 12.5 metres (41 feet). Scientists have recently discovered the remains of what is now considered to be the largest meat-eating dinosaur to have ever lived – mapusaurus. This dinosaur is believed… read more »

Do you have a solution to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill?

Answer : Yes. My solution is to fill the well hole with objects that are dense enough and hydrodynamically streamlined enough to descend by gravity alone through the upward flow of oil. As they accumulate in the 3+ mile deep well hole, those objects will impede the flow until it becomes a trickle. Large steel… read more »

How does an ice cube become water?

Answer : Adding more energy or taking away energy from a substance changes its form. When you add heat energy to an ice cube, it turns to water. This is a physical change since its shape and state change but the chemical composition, or the atoms and molecules, do not change.

Does Africa have any big lakes?

Answer : Lakes Victoria, Tanganyika, Albert, Edward and Kivu are the Great Lakes of Africa, in the Great Rift Valley. Lake Victoria covers 69,500 square kilometres (26,836 square miles) and is the world’s second largest freshwater lake.

Why whales have holes on their heads?

Answer : Whales do not have gills like fish. Instead they take in air through nostrils like all the other mammals. The nostrils of whales, called blowholes, are located on top of their heads. Every once in a while, whales come to the surface of the water and open their blowholes to breathe.

How was the universe formed?

Answer : The universe was born more than 15 billion years ago. It is believed that the universe began as a small ball of fire. This fireball grew larger and larger until one day it exploded, to form the universe that we know.

What are poles of a magnet?

  Just as the Earth has two poles – the North and the South poles, a magnet also has two poles. It is easiest to find the two poles of a bar magnet where the poles are at either end are equally strong. The north seeking pole of the bar magnet points towards the Earth’s… read more »