Did You Know

What Caribbean Countries Do CXC ?

These are the list of Caribbean countries that Do CxC , this List compiles of sovereign  states , Dependencies and other territories. Sovereign states Anguilla Aruba Bermuda Bonaire British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Curaçao Greenland Guadeloupe Martinique Montserrat Puerto Rico Saint Barthélemy Saint Martin Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saba Sint Eustatius Sint Maarten Turks and Caicos Islands… read more »

The Porsche Hybrid

The car was appreciated more points to defend our planet and protect the environment, as this well-known German brand will release in 2013 the technology incredible Hybrid 918 Spyder, the Porsche hybrid, a limited series that will not reach the thousand units of time and will priced from € 768,000. If you love cars and you… read more »

What is color therapy

Chromotherapy is a method of harmonization and aid natural healing of certain diseases through the colors. The colors correspond to vibrations that have speeds, wave lengths and different rhythms. These exert a physical, mental and emotional that we are not generally aware and allows our vital energy to have a state that facilitates self-healing. Chromotherapy and heliotherapy… read more »

what is the second fastest thing in the universe?"

Answer : Your daughter’s question is a cute one. I like it because it highlights the distinction between the speed of light and all other speeds. The speed of light is unimaginably special in our universe. Strange though it may sound, even if light didn’t exist there would still be the speed of light and… read more »

How do slot machines work?

Answer : A slot machine is a classic demonstration of rotational inertia. When you pull on the lever, you are exerting a torque (a twist) on the three disks contained inside the machine. These disks undergo angular acceleration—they begin turning toward you faster and faster as you complete the pull. When you stop pulling on… read more »

What was the daguerreotype?

Answer : The daguerreotype was the first successful type of photograph. It was named after the French chemist Louis Daguerre, who announced his invention to the public at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences in Paris in 1839. His photographic process created a highly detailed image on a sheet of copper, plated with… read more »

Things to do when you have breast cancer ?

Treatment of breast cancer depends on the size and   stage of the tumor, whether it has spread or not, and health status   General patient. In many cases, medical equipment   from different specialties work with the patient to   decide which is the best plan to follow.       Henceforth the doctor… read more »

Types of chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is usually not the only cancer treatment, so it is often combined with surgery and radiation therapy modality called combination therapy or multidisciplinary.Among the different types are: How to avoid side effects Polychemotherapy : The association of various cytotoxic acting with different mechanisms of action, synergistically to decrease the dose of each individual drug and… read more »

What did the sailors bring home with them?

Answer : The sailors brought riches and spices from the new lands. Foods like potato, tomato and chilli were introduced. Animals like jaguar and tapir, and birds like macaw and toucan were brought for the zoos of Europe. Many shipowners became very rich carrying gold and other treasures for the government.

How do glaciers flow downhill?

Answer : Ice is a rather soft material and its crystals can deform permanently when exposed to sufficient stress. If you squeeze ice hard enough, its crystals will gradually change shape in much the same way that a copper penny will change shape if you squeeze it in a press. Since the pressures at the… read more »