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Different types of printers (laser, inkjet and impact)

Printers are output devices that write information (characters or dots) on paper. The printers have two parts mechanics and other electronics while the printers can be divided into impact or non-impact printers. With impact printers are noisy, but can make multiple copies using special paper (continuous paper with or without side holes). Among her are the wheel… read more »


Ergonomics can be defined as the application of scientific principles in the development and design of objects and environments for human activity. This is reflected in the etymology of the word “ergo” and “nomos” or “activity” and “standards” or refers to those rules or natural principles governing the activities of man. It is a range of skills… read more »

Words and meaning

1. Arithmetic logic unit- 2. Work station-is a desktop computer 3. Minicomputer-a computer whose size speed and capabilities lie between those of a mainframe and a microcomputer. 4. Supercomputer- is able to process hundreds of millions of instructions per second. They are used for such application as weather forecasting, space exploration genetic engineering and other… read more »

Features of impact Printer

The general features of impact printer are- They create the characters by striking  the paper. They print on most types of paper. Multiple (carbon) copies may be printed at once Disadvantages of impact printers They are relatively slow They do not print transparencies (documents printed on clear plastic film for use with over head projector…. read more »

Work Skills And Ethics

General Care of the Computer– includes dusting the systems unit and the peripherals, covering the units when not in use, keeping the table surface and work environment clean and clutter free.   Ensure acceptable standards of work: Organisation of work. Quality of assignments for submission Effective time management Follow-up procedures.   Elements of desirable habits… read more »

E.D.P.M SBA: Sample Of a will

A Will….. I HEREBY REVOKE all former will and testamentary depositions whatsoever heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last Will and Testament ————————————————————————————– I HEREBY APPOINT my sister STEPHANIE KING-FRANCIS of 96 Carite Street Mona and OSUNYEMI COLLINS of Hibiscus Street Petit Valley Solicitor to be Executors and Trustees of this… read more »

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal printers

Updated July 14 2014<=== Advantages and disadvantages of thermal printers First of all, we have to know what thermal printers are. A thermal printer is a printer that uses heat to produce an image on paper. Nowadays many businesses are using thermal printing for their transactions including airline tickets, banking, entertainment, grocery, retail shops and healthcare. It… read more »

Effects of Information Technology on Society

Introduction Information Technology is a branch which has recently been derived from computer science. It simply refers to the use of computer and other technologies for the management of vast information. This branch develops technologies (software and hardware) for information management and also solves information management. A research was conducted in depth to find out both… read more »

What is a Virus?

Computers and Viruses What is a Virus?   A computer virus is a way of describing a computer programme that has been written specifically to cause damage to your PC. In essence, it is a piece of software that is written to cause as much havoc as possible.  Types of Viruses   Resident Viruses Direct… read more »

Parts of the Computer and Their Function

Different Parts of the Computer and Their Function A computer is made up of many different components. Each part has a specific function. Whether you need to replace apart, are thinking about building a computer, or just looking for some additional information, it’s important to understand the basic computer parts and what they do.   Case… read more »