How to make a resume?

Then we will see step by step how to make an attractive and strategic resume to submit applications for the job. During the process of sending, receiving and subsequent call for interview must have patience because it is normal that this last several months. Sending your personal data in a proper way is important for… read more »

Strategies of internal growth and external growth

Growth is one of the objectives of the business and a way of expressing their success. Companies can grow in two ways: internal and external growth GROWTH. Known as internal growth of this company is based on productive investments within the company, thus increasing their productive capacity. We can distinguish: – Market penetration involves increasing sales of the company in… read more »

In what ways is entrepreneurship vital to the private enterprise system?

Entrepreneurship is primarily in small businesses. Small businesses make up nearly half of all private enterprise (publicly-held corporations make up about half). Small business are very vital. Here’s why. Small businesses provide groceries, gasoline, auto repair, furniture, cars, trucks, appliances, light bulbs, many things you need in your house, and, they build houses. They also provide… read more »

What is an organization?

For us to understand this concept, we know that human beings have always had the need to find success in any of its activities. Many times we can not achieve this goal because of our own limitations. That is why they resort to the collaboration or assistance from others, thus forming an organization. This may be formed by… read more »

What are the products and services?

A product is object that can be bought or sold, and responds to a must own a consumer group. Moreover, the services are related to a human group that lends itself to satisfy a consumer need, without the need for the existence of an object or physicist involved. The products mainly have two attributes, their characteristics… read more »

What are bank mergers?

A merger in economics implies that one or more companies (or banks, as is the present case) are joined to form a new and can be done in two ways: The first is by absorption, which is kind of purchase, where owners of one of the companies no longer have power over the new entity… read more »

What is FedEx, DHL and UPS?

These are three of the largest transportation companies in shipments (packages) and logistics in the world. Every day millions of packets delivered in almost every country in the world and are the three main competitors in this type of service. Next, a brief overview of the history and services of each of them, to have a good… read more »

What are remittances?

Remittances are the most used in the world, to transfer money from one place to another, from one person to another. And they are an easy, convenient and simple way to send money to a particular person is alive whether abroad or in another region of our country. Remittances are made by companies authorized by the… read more »

What is a bank run?

The original term is “bank run” which translates as “the bank leak” or “leak in the bank” but in different countries can be translated as “bank run” (Spain), “stampede” (Mexico) and more elegantly “banking panic” or “siege”. The phenomenon was observed already in the nineteenth century when certain customers banks could not collect their savings or… read more »

What is the Euro?

The Euro is the official currency of all countries participating in the European Monetary Union.Within which we can point to France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, among others. This measure took effect, as of January 1, 1999. Course, that the measure was agreed well in advance. More specifically, in the year 1995. The measure rule began, so later,… read more »