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Agricultural Science, SBA Tips | September 16, 2015 | Comments 0
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This is a free SAMPLE download of the agriculture SBA , for those who wanted a sample of the notorious agriculture SBA on tomato production.
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Name of project: The Production of Tomatoes
Location: ST Clair Dacon Secondary School
Duration: 10-14weeks

Description of activities

Sketch layout of activities

Description: clearing of the land was done. Lines were set from one end to another. The construction of drains and bed were done, at a length of 38ft and and a width of 5ft. Fertilizer (NPK) was in corporated into the soil. The bed was watered and holes were dug about 1 inch deep and 38 cm between plants and 60cm between rows. Seedlings were transplanted from the seed trays to the holes which was covered with soil and watered.

Materials: Lines, seed, Fertilizer (NPK), Insecticides (Diazioan) and weed control (Gramoxone).

Equipment: cutlass, hoe, wheel borrow, hand scoop ,watering cans ,stick and hand fork.

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